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The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My

(Moomin Mymble and Little My)


Author(s):Tove Jansson
Illustrator(s):Tove Jansson
Translator(s):André Bjerke
Publisher(s): Ernest Benn Limited
Year Published: 1953
Type: Hardcover
Genre: Adventure
Animal Fantasy
Boys Growing Up
Fantasy - miscellaneous
Picture Book
Toy Book
Age Range: Ages 7-9: Short Chapter Books
Pages: 23
ISBN-10: 1883211107
ISBN-13: 9781883211103
OCLC: 8357192


In a delightful, curious game of what comes next, Moomintroll travels through the woods to get home with milk for Moominmamma. A simple trip turns into a colorful adventure as Moomintroll meets Mymble, who has lost her sister, Little My. Along the way, they endure the hijinks of all the charming characters of the Moomin world, including the Fillijonks and Hattifatteners. Will Moomintroll ever make it home safe and sound?