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Yea! Wildcats! (1944)

Don Henderson has his work cut out for him as the new basketball coach in a central Indiana town.

Author: John R. Tunis
Illustrator: Unknown

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The Year of Jubilo (1940)

When their father dies and his business fails, the Wymans retreat to their cottage in Maine to regroup.


Author: Ruth Sawyer
Illustrator: Edward Shenton

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The Year of the Shining Cuckoo (1961)

Johnny sets out to earn enough money to buy a horse. The story is set in a remote seaside town in New Zealand.

Author: Joyce West
Illustrator: Joyce West

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The Yearling (1939)

The story of Jody and his love for a fawn.

Author: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
Illustrator: N. C. Wyeth

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The Yellow Dwarf (1875)

A selfish princess is cured and marries her prince. Read for free online at Internet Archive.

Author: Anonymous
Illustrator: Walter Crane

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The Yellow Dwarf (1895)

A selfish princess is cured and marries her prince. This is a later reissue. Read for free online at Toronto Public Library. NOTE: that link downloads a very large file.

Author: Anonymous
Illustrator: Walter Crane

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The Yellow Fairy Book (1980)

A multitudinous collection of fairy tales from many lands.

Author: Leonora Blanche Alleyne Lang
Et al
Illustrator: Erik Blegvad

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The Yellow Knight of Oz (1930)

Sir Hokus of Pokes goes questing with the comfortable camel. When Speedy returns to Oz they join forces and do battle with the Sultan of Samandra.

Author: Ruth Plumly Thompson
Illustrator: John R. Neill

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Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories (1958)

Yertle, King of the Turtles builds a throne 5,607 turtles high. . . then . . .

Author: Dr. Seuss
Illustrator: Dr. Seuss

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The Young Black Stallion (1989)

How the Black stallion ended up on that tramp freighter with Alec Ramsay.

Author: Steven Farley
Walter Farley
Illustrator: Ruth Sanderson

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Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze (1932)

At age thirteen Young Fu is apprenticed to a coppersmith in the big city of Chungking.

1932 1933

Author: Elizabeth Foreman Lewis
Illustrator: Kurt Wiese

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Young Settler (1938)

Hi Ellison goes to the Iowa territory with his family, and his horse, Euclid, who almost always wins her races. The local Sauk befriend him and make him a member of their tribe.

Author: Phil Stong
Illustrator: Kurt Wiese

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Your Personal Penguin (2006)

Based on a song by Sandra Boynton. Some copies came with a CD of the song, otherwise it is available online.

Author: Sandra Boynton
Michael Ford
Illustrator: Sandra Boynton

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Yukon Ho! (1989)

Running for ten years, from 1985 to 1995, the adventures of Calvin and his tiger friend Hobbes was one of the most popular comic strips of all time.

Author: Bill Watterson
Illustrator: Bill Watterson

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Zebrology (1937)

If a white horse marries a black horse what color will their children be?

Author: H. A. Rey
Illustrator: H. A. Rey

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Zeee (1965)

Zee is a fairy whose home is constantly being destroyed by careless people who can’t see her.

Author: Elizabeth Enright
Illustrator: Irene Haas

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Zephir’s Holidays (1937)

While on a holiday at the seashore, Zephir accidentally catches a mermaid. The title of the American edition was later changed to Babar and Zephir.

Author: Jean de Brunhoff
Illustrator: Jean de Brunhoff

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Zozo Learns the Alphabet (1963)

Due to differences in British and American usage, several alternate illustrations and words were required for the British edition of Curious George Learns the Alphabet.

Author: H. A. Rey
Illustrator: H. A. Rey

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