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Adelaide Holl


(1920 - 0)

Adelaide Holl

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Lester Earl and Bertie Hinkle, Adelaide Hinkle Holl is well known for her many writings and illustrations of children’s books.

Ms. Has been married twice, first to Walter E. Holl, then to Leonard Davis Wesson, and has two children, Linda Hoff Veffer and Thomas Richard.

Holl attended the Cleveland School of Art and the Western Reserve University, and received a B.A, B.S. in Education from Capital University. She later earned a Master’s degree from Ohio State University.

Holl has worked as teacher in Ohio, a writer and educational consultant at the Artists and Writers Press in New York, and as an editor from Random House. She then became a freelance author and has written over forty books, as well as contributing to other publications.

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Most of the Time Maxie (1974)

Maxie has a fertile imagination.

Author(s): Adelaide Holl
Illustrator(s): Hilary Knight

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Sylvester the Mouse with the Musical Ear (1961)

Uprooted from his home by developers, Sylvester finds a new home in a guitar.

Author(s): Adelaide Holl
Illustrator(s): N. M. Bodecker

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