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Roland Pertwee


(1885 - 1963 )

Roland Pertwee (17 May 1885 – 26 April 1963) was an English playwright, film and television screenwriter, director and actor. He wrote a number of works of juvenile fiction, most prominently the The Islanders series, which serves up typical Boy’s Own adventure with a strong field sports theme.

The Islanders (1950) and Rough Water (1951) tell the adventures of three boys with the run of a sporting estate in the wild Devon countryside during a summer holiday.

The third book, Operation Wild Goose (1955), takes place some years later, on a trip to Iceland, where the boys come up against Russian spies, in-between landing fat salmon.

A further book, An Actor’s Life For Me (1953), features just one of the Islanders boys, Nick, as he follows his parents onto the stage.