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Li’l Abner The Frazetta Years Volume 3 1958-1959

(Al Capp’s Li’l Abner The Frazetta Years Volume 3 1958-1959)


Author(s):Al Capp
Illustrator(s):Andy Amato
Al Capp
Harvey Curtis
Frank Frazetta
Walter Johnson
Editor(s):Dave Land
Philip Simon
Publisher(s): Dark Horse Books
Year Published: 2003
Type: Hardcover
Genre: Adventure
Comic Strip
Picture Book
Age Range: Ages 13-18: Young Adult
Pages: 119
ISBN-10: 1569719772
ISBN-13: 9781569719770
OCLC: 55858948


This series reprints in full color the Sunday Li’l Abner continuity, which was different from the daily strips. Carried by over 900 newspapers, Li’l Abner was the most popular strip in America for decades. This is the third volume of Sunday strips.

This book is the Main Edition.

This book belongs to the Series: Al Capp’s Li’l Abner