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The Golden Basket (1936)

Two girls from England are on holiday in Bruges, Belgium and meet the littlest orphan, Madeleine.


Author(s): Ludwig Bemelmans
Illustrator(s): Ludwig Bemelmans

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The Mitten (1989)

Nicki drops one of his new white mittens in the snow. The animals crawl into it to keep warm, until ... someone sneezes!

Author(s): Jan Brett
Illustrator(s): Jan Brett

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Snip, Snap, Snurr The Red Shoes and The Buttered Bread (1935)

This edition includes the story of how the triplets earn money for a birthday present for their mother and how the sun must shine for them to have butter for their bread.


Author(s): Maj Lindman
Illustrator(s): Maj Lindman

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Doctor Dolittle in the Moon (1928)

Doctor Dolittle extends his researches to the language of plants when he meets the wonderful inhabitants of the moon.

Author(s): Hugh Lofting
Illustrator(s): Hugh Lofting

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Moby Dick or The White Whale (1922)

Moby Dick or The White Whale has a good claim to the title of The Great American Novel. Based on the story of the Essex, whaler, destroyed by a whale in the southern Pacific Ocean, Melville draws on his own experiences as a seaman.

Read on line at Hathitrust.

Read on line at Hathitrust.

Author(s): Herman Melville
Illustrator(s): Mead Schaeffer

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Tom’s Midnight Garden (1958)

While waiting out quarantine for measles, Tom stays with his aunt and uncle in an old house and discovers he can enter the past through the garden at night.


Author(s): Philippa Pearce
Illustrator(s): Susan Einzig

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The Christ Child (1931)

The story of the Nativity from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

Author(s): The Bible
Illustrator(s): Maud Petersham
Miska Petersham

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Ming and Mehitable (1936)

Mehitabe’s dog Ming is her best friend, but when she dresses him up like a doll he runs away.

Author(s): Helen Sewell
Illustrator(s): Helen Sewell

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A City for Lincoln (1945)

The youth of Springfield rally behind a crusading basketball coach to clean up their town’s politics.

Author(s): John R. Tunis
Illustrator(s): Unknown

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The Thief (1996)

Gen boasts he can steal anything, and the King’s Magus takes him up on it.


Author(s): Megan Whalen Turner
Illustrator(s): Walter Gaffney-Kessell

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Tom Sawyer Abroad (1894)

Tom, Huck and Jim embark on an airship and travel to North Africa.

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Author(s): Mark Twain
Illustrator(s): Dan Beard

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Stuart Little (1945)

Stuart Little is only two inches tall, but he has great adventures.

Author(s): E. B. White
Illustrator(s): Garth Williams

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Scary, Scary Halloween (1986)

What lurks with green eyes under the porch on Halloween?

Author(s): Eve Bunting
Illustrator(s): Jan Brett

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Jeremiah in the Dark Woods (1977)

Jeremiah sets out to find what happened to his grandmother’s tarts and meets some familiar nursery characters along the way, as well as a few not so familiar ones.

Author(s): Allan Ahlberg
Illustrator(s): Janet Ahlberg

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The Moffats (1941)

The Moffats live on New Dollar Street with their widowed mother who is a seamstress.

Author(s): Eleanor Estes
Illustrator(s): Louis Slobodkin

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A Good Place to Hide (1961)

Susan needs a good place to hide from her brothers and their spider-in-a-glass-jar, and she finds it.

Author(s): Louis Slobodkin
Illustrator(s): Louis Slobodkin

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Michael Hague’s Favorite Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales (1981)

This collection contains nine tales, including The Wild Swans and lesser known stories such as The Elfin Hill.

Author(s): Hans Christian Andersen
Illustrator(s): Michael Hague

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The Secret Garden (1986)

Mary is orphaned and sent home from India to her uncle’s estate. When she discovers Colin, their two tempers flare until they discover the garden and work with Dickon to bring it back to life.

Author(s): Frances Hodgson Burnett
Illustrator(s): Michael Hague

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Old Mother West Wind (1990)

Stories of the inhabitants of the green meadows, woods and streams.

Author(s): Thornton W. Burgess
Illustrator(s): Michael Hague

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Michael Hague’s Family Easter Treasury (1999)

An anthology of biblical texts, poems and stories.

Author(s): Various
Illustrator(s): Michael Hague

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