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Caddie Woodlawn (1935)

Pioneer adventures of a girl growing up in northern Wisconsin.


Author(s): Carol Ryrie Brink
Illustrator(s): Kate Seredy

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Mr. Bass’s Planetoid (1958)

David and Chuck are off in their spaceship to rescue the world from the Brumblitron.

Author(s): Eleanor Cameron
Illustrator(s): Louis Darling

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Autumn Term (1948)

Twins Nicola and Lawrie Marlow join their four older sisters at Kingscote School.

Author(s): Antonia Forest
Illustrator(s): Marjorie Owens

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Millions of Cats (1928)

An elderly couple realize they are very lonely. The wife wants a cat, so her husband sets off in search of one. Each seems lovely, so he walks back home with millions of cats following him.


Author(s): Wanda Gág
Illustrator(s): Wanda Gág

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The Complete Little Orphan Annie Volume One Daily Comics 1924-1927 (2008)

This is the first volume in the reprinting of the complete Little Orphan Annie comic strip and includes the daily strips from 1924-1927 as well as a few atypical Sunday strips that advance the plot.

Author(s): Harold Gray
Illustrator(s): Harold Gray

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Mopsa the Fairy (1927)

Jack crawls into a fairy’s nest and is soon off on a fantastic journey.

Author(s): Jean Ingelow
Illustrator(s): Dorothy P. Lathrop

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The Sea is Blue (1946)

The story of Tim and Cissy, growing up on Nantucket and the rainbows they shared.


Author(s): Marie A. Lawson
Illustrator(s): Marie A. Lawson

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Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction (1973)

A close look at how cathedrals were built.


Author(s): David Macaulay
Illustrator(s): David Macaulay

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The Pushcart War (1964)

The pushcart vendors of New York take on the giant delivery trucks for control of the streets.

Author(s): Jean Merrill
Illustrator(s): Ronni Solbert

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Ding Dong Bell A First Book of Nursery Rhymes (1957)

A collection of familiar nursery rhymes and songs with music.

Author(s): Percy Young
Illustrator(s): Edward Ardizzone

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The Jolly Christmas Postman (1991)

The Jolly Postman is back, delivering Christmas greetings.


Author(s): Allan Ahlberg
Illustrator(s): Janet Ahlberg

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Baby Sleeps (1998)

A book about babies for babies. Taken from the popular Baby’s Catalog.

Author(s): Allan Ahlberg
Illustrator(s): Janet Ahlberg

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Clear the Track for Michael’s Magic Train (1945)

Michael’s train starts in the living room, and brings you back home again.

Author(s): Louis Slobodkin
Illustrator(s): Louis Slobodkin

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The Tyger Voyage (1976)

Two tiger brothers set out on a voyage around the world and have many adventures before they come home again.

Author(s): Richard Adams
Illustrator(s): Nicola Bayley

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Peter Spier’s Circus! (1992)

The Circus is coming to town!

Author(s): Peter Spier
Illustrator(s): Peter Spier

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The Bunny Book (1955)

What will Bunny be when he grows up?

Author(s): Patricia Scarry
Illustrator(s): Richard Scarry

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Mr. Revere and I (1953)

The story of Paul Revere’s ride is told by his horse, Scheherazade.

Author(s): Robert Lawson
Illustrator(s): Robert Lawson

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The Yak, the Python and the Frog (1975)

Some little-known facts are revealed that will be useful for those thinking of choosing an exotic pet.

Author(s): Hilaire Belloc
Illustrator(s): Steven Kellogg

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The Mysterious Tadpole (1977)

Uncle McAllister sends Louis a tadpole from Loch Ness for his birthday -- but Alphonse is no ordinary tadpole.

Author(s): Steven Kellogg
Illustrator(s): Steven Kellogg

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Hirum the Hillbilly (1950)

When two city slickers try to trick Wesley’s folks out of their farm, Hirum the mule steps in and sends them packing.

Author(s): Phil Stong
Illustrator(s): Kurt Wiese

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