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The Silver Nutmeg: The Story of Anna Lavinia and Toby (1956)

On another lavender blue day Anna Lavinia explores dew pond hill and travels through the dew pond to meet her cousin Toby.

Author(s): Palmer Brown
Illustrator(s): Palmer Brown

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The Journey of Johnny Rew (1955)

Orphaned by the war, Johnny learns that he might have family in the west of England and sets out in search of them.

Author(s): Anne Barrett
Illustrator(s): Unknown

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The Golden Basket (1936)

Two girls from England are on holiday in Bruges, Belgium and meet the littlest orphan, Madeleine.


Author(s): Ludwig Bemelmans
Illustrator(s): Ludwig Bemelmans

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Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass (1937)

In Alice in Wonderland, Alice falls through a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by strange creatures. And in the sequel, Through the Looking-Glass, she climbs through a mirror into a fantastical world.

Author(s): Lewis Carroll
Illustrator(s): Ninon MacKnight
John Tenniel

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The Admiral’s Caravan (1892)

A young girl named Dorothy takes a journey with three wooden statues who come alive on Christmas Eve. Read online at

Author(s): Charles E. Carryl
Illustrator(s): Reginald Birch

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A Pipkin of Pepper (2005)

A cat, a squirrel, a duck, pumpkin soup, but not salt … and pepper?

Author(s): Helen Cooper
Illustrator(s): Helen Cooper

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The Gammage Cup (1959)

A light on the mountain brings conflict to the Land Between the Mountains, and the only Minnipins who stand in the breach are a band of outcasts.


Author(s): Carol Kendall
Illustrator(s): Erik Blegvad

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The Little Farm (1942)

Farmer Small has chores to do from morn ‘til night.

Author(s): Lois Lenski
Illustrator(s): Lois Lenski

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Martin Hyde the Duke’s Messenger (1910)

Martin Hyde gets caught up in the Duke of Monmouth’s rebellion. Read online at

Author(s): John Masefield
Illustrator(s): T. C. Dugdale

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The House at Pooh Corner (1928)

This is the second book about Pooh and Christopher Robin and their friends. The cover is from the first trade edition. There were several special limited editions as well.

Author(s): A. A. Milne
Illustrator(s): Ernest H. Shepard

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Katy No-Pocket (1944)

Katy the kangaroo has no pocket for her baby so she goes to the big city to find one.


Author(s): Emmy Payne
Illustrator(s): H. A. Rey

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The Farm Book: Bob and Betty Visit Uncle John (1910)

Two children spend from plow time to first snow on a farm when everything was still done by hand and horse. Read online at BPL.

Author(s): E. Boyd Smith
Illustrator(s): E. Boyd Smith

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Sector 7 (1999)

A boy on a trip to the Empire State Building gets a tour of Sector 7, where the clouds are made.


Author(s): David Wiesner
Illustrator(s): David Wiesner

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Cape Lost (1963)

Gabrielle wants to go into the family business of sheep ranching in New Zealand.

Author(s): Joyce West
Illustrator(s): Joyce West

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Gingerbread Friends (2008)

The Gingerbread Baby wants some friends to play with him when Mattie is busy. What better place to look for friends than a bakery?

Author(s): Jan Brett
Illustrator(s): Jan Brett

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Peek-A-Boo! (1981)

A baby’s day from the baby’s point of view.

Author(s): Allan Ahlberg
Illustrator(s): Janet Ahlberg

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Michael Hague’s World of Unicorns (1986)

Pop-ups give greater scope to the powers of the unicorn.

Author(s): Michael Hague
Illustrator(s): Michael Hague

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Rootabaga Stories - Part One (1988)

Fairy tales as American as the Iowa cornfields.

Author(s): Carl Sandburg
Illustrator(s): Michael Hague

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Cinderella and Other Tales from Perrault (1989)

A selection of eight classic French fairy tales.

Author(s): Charles Perrault
Illustrator(s): Michael Hague

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Big Bear’s Treasury Volume Three (1994)

A collection of stories and poems by various authors and illustrators.

Author(s): Antonia Barber
Illustrator(s): Nicola Bayley
Et al

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