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Anne of Green Gables (1908)

Anne, with an ‘e,’ is an orphan girl, mistakenly sent instead of a boy orphan, to Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert on Prince Edward Island. Read for free online at Internet Archive.

Author(s): L. M. Montgomery
Illustrator(s): M. A. Claus
W. A. J. Claus

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Bat: The Story of a Bull Terrier (1939)

The dramatic and moving tale of a courageous bull terrier.

Author(s): Stephen W. Meader
Illustrator(s): Edward Shenton

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Christmas on Bear Mountain Volume 5 (2013)

This full color volume of Barks comics leads off with the first appearance of Uncle Scrooge. For a preview go to Fantagraphics.

Author(s): Carl Barks
Illustrator(s): Carl Barks

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The Church Mice Spread Their Wings (1976)

The vestry mice decide that what they really need is a weekend jaunt in the country - and Sampson might come along to keep them company.

Author(s): Graham Oakley
Illustrator(s): Graham Oakley

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Dog Train (2005)

Seventeen silly songs performed by numerous famous artists.

Author(s): Sandra Boynton
Michael Ford
Illustrator(s): Sandra Boynton

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The Essential Calvin and Hobbes (1988)

Running for ten years, from 1985 to 1995, the adventures of Calvin and his tiger friend Hobbes was one of the most popular comic strips of all time. This collection includes cartoons from Calvin and Hobbes and Something Under the Bed is Drooling as well as an original full-color sixteen page story.

Author(s): Bill Watterson
Illustrator(s): Bill Watterson

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The Fairies (1989)

Up the airy mountain,
Down the rushy glen,
We daren’t go a-hunting
For fear of little men;

Author(s): William Allingham
Illustrator(s): Michael Hague

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Great Expectations (1861)

Young Pip has a patron -- but who? This first edition of Great Expectations was published in three volumes without illustrations. Read online at

Author(s): Charles Dickens
Illustrator(s): None

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Hornblower and the Hotspur (1962)

Hornblower takes up his command as part of the Channel fleet.

Author(s): C. S. Forester
Illustrator(s): John Allan Maxwell

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Lassie Come-Home (1995)

When Joe’s father loses his job, Lassie must be sold, but she refuses to stay and finds her way home across the length of England.

Author(s): Eric Knight
Rosemary Wells
Illustrator(s): Susan Jeffers

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The Little Lulu Library Set III (1989)

This three volume set includes issues 22-36 of Little Lulu magazine.

Author(s): John Stanley
Illustrator(s): Charles Hedinger
John Stanley
Irving Tripp

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Lob Lie-by-the-Fire (1885)

John Broom is found under a bush as a baby and adopted by two maiden ladies. After running away to sea he at last returns home. Read online at

Author(s): Mrs. Juliana Horatia Ewing
Illustrator(s): Randolph Caldecott

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Memoirs of a London Doll (1922)

Wooden doll, Maria Poppet, describes her many adventures in 19th century London. Read online at Internet Archive.

Author(s): Mrs. Fairstar
Illustrator(s): Emma L. Brock

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The Midnight Farm (1987)

Exploring the farm after dark.

Author(s): Reeve Lindbergh
Illustrator(s): Susan Jeffers

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Robinson Crusoe (1957)

First published in 1719, this account of ‘eight and twenty years, all alone on an uninhabited island on the coast of America’ was based on the experiences of Alexander Selkirk, who was marooned on an island in the Pacific Ocean. Most recent editions have been abridged and some have had the religious themes suppressed. It gave birth to the genre of Robbinsonnade. Read online at

Author(s): Daniel Defoe
Illustrator(s): N. C. Wyeth

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The Sign of the Seven Seas (1954)

Chris is sent back in time on another adventure, this time around Cape Horn in search of treasure.

Author(s): Carley Dawson
Illustrator(s): Lynd Ward

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Something for Christmas (1958)

A mouse is searching for the perfect gift for someone he loves.

Author(s): Palmer Brown
Illustrator(s): Palmer Brown

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Sparkplug of the Hornets (1953)

Peewee Carson has what it takes, and in Indiana, any high school basketball team can make it to the state championship.

Author(s): Stephen W. Meader
Illustrator(s): Don Sibley

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Sven the Wise and Svea the Kind (1932)

A collection of stories from Lappland.

Author(s): Alicia O’Reardon Overbeck
Illustrator(s): Gustaf Tenggren

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The Three Little Pigs (1997)

In this version of the three pigs, the wolf ends up waffled.

Author(s): Steven Kellogg
Illustrator(s): Steven Kellogg

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