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Lauren McGraw Wagner


(1944 - 0)

Lauren McGraw Wagner

Lauren McGraw Wagner was the married name of Lauren Lynn McGraw (born 15 August 1944), one of the last Royal Historians of Oz. She is listed as co-author, along with her mother Eloise Jarvis McGraw, of Merry Go Round in Oz, the last book in the “Famous Forty” Oz series, and also of The Forbidden Fountain of Oz.

McGraw was a librarian by profession. She is also a capable graphic artist and illustrator.


Merry Go Round in Oz (1963)

Robin, an orphan from Oregon rides a magic merry-go-round horse to Oz and helps restore the people of the kingdom of Halidom to health.

Author(s): Eloise Jarvis McGraw
Lauren McGraw Wagner
Illustrator(s): Dick Martin

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