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Junior Literary Guild

The Junior Literary Guild is a commercial book club. It began in 1929 as an enterprise of the Literary Guild. By the 1950s, the majority of their book sales were to public libraries. In 2004 they started listing their Junior Literary Guild selections at their own website. What we refer to as “winners” are their selections for different age groups.


The Invisible Island

Author(s): None
Illustrator(s): None

Courageous Companions (1929)

The story of an English lad who sails with Magellan around the world.

Author(s): Charles Finger
Illustrator(s): James Daugherty

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Little Blacknose: The Story of a Pioneer (1929)

Early American railroading as seen through the eyes of the Dewitt Clinton, the first steam engine built for the New York Central Railroad.

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Author(s): Hildegarde Hoyt Swift
Illustrator(s): Lynd Ward

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Three and the Moon (1929)

Author(s): Jacques Dorey
Illustrator(s): Boris Artzybasheff

The Adventures of Mario (1930)

Mario, the young hero of the book, helpless after the death of his mother and driven by an inner force as the animals are, grows up in the depths of the forest where he becomes one of the wild things.

Author(s): Waldemar Bonsels
Illustrator(s): Kurt Wiese

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Early Moon (1930)

A collection of poems by the Prairie Poet.

Author(s): Carl Sandburg
Illustrator(s): James Daugherty

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The Flight of the Heron (1930)

Ewen Cameron is out with the ’45 and encounters a British officer Keith Windham who becomes his best friend.

Author(s): D. K. Broster
Illustrator(s): Helene Carter

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Jump! (1930)

Author(s): Don Glasman
Illustrator(s): Unknown

Kees (1930)

Kees lives in Holland and has a pet duck named Kleintje.

Author(s): Marian King
Illustrator(s): Elizabeth Enright

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Linnet on the Threshold (1930)

Author(s): Margaret Thomsen Raymond
Illustrator(s): Alida Conover

Little Pilgrim to Penn’s Woods (1930)

Author(s): Edna Albert
Illustrator(s): Esther Brann

Red Horse Hill (1930)

Bud Martin decides to take his bulldog and try New Hampshire. He finds a warm welcome with Uncle John and Aunt Sarah.

Author(s): Stephen W. Meader
Illustrator(s): Lee Townsend

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When I was a Harvester (1930)

Author(s): Robert L. Yates
Illustrator(s): Unknown

Witch’s Maiden: A Historical Romance (1930)

Temperance, her parents dead and she only seven years old, is dispossesed by Cromwell’s officers as a Royalist and sent to live with the neighboring witch.

Author(s): Mabel L. Tyrrell
Illustrator(s): Marie A. Lawson

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Alice and Thomas and Jane (1931)

Three children have adventures in an English seaside town.

Author(s): Enid Bagnold
Illustrator(s): Enid Bagnold
Laurian Jones

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Ching-Li and the Dragons (1931)

Author(s): Alice Woodbury Howard
Illustrator(s): Lynd Ward

The Fairy Circus (1931)

Inspired by a human circus that performs in their meadow, the fairies put on a circus of their own for the woodland creatures.

Author(s): Dorothy P. Lathrop
Illustrator(s): Dorothy P. Lathrop

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The Gleam in the North (1931)

When the Jacobites call on Ewan Cameron’s honor, he must enter into the conspiracy again in this second installment of the Jacobite Trilogy that began with The Flight of the Heron.

Author(s): D. K. Broster
Illustrator(s): Helene Carter

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Hail Columbia (1931)

A history of the United States of America from its discovery to 1931.

Author(s): Marie A. Lawson
Illustrator(s): Marie A. Lawson

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