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Sketches by Boz: New Edition, Complete


Author(s):Charles Dickens
Illustrator(s):George Cruikshank
Publisher(s): Chapman and Hall
Year Published: 1839
Type: Hardcover
Genre: British
Fiction - short story
Age Range: Ages 13-18: Young Adult
Pages: 527
ISBN-10: 0192545183, 0192545221
ISBN-13: 9780192545183, 9780192545220
OCLC: 66363465


In Charles Dickens in the Original Cloth, Walter E. Smith writes:

“When Chapman and Hall obtained the copyright of Sketches in 1837, they published all of them in twenty monthly parts from November 1837 through June 1839. Cruikshank designed a cover, enlarged the plates (except ‘The Free and Easy’ which was discarded), and created 13 new illustrations for these monthly parts. In May 1839, Chapman and Hall published these parts complete in one volume with all 40 of Cruikshank’s illustrations.”

Reference: Walter E. Smith, Charles Dickens in the Original Cloth, p. 16. See Biblio.

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This book is the Main Edition.


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