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The Hidden Valley of Oz


Author(s):Rachel R. Cosgrove
Illustrator(s):Dirk Gringhuis
Publisher(s): The International Wizard of Oz Club, Inc.
Year Published: 1991
Type: Hardcover
Genre: Fantasy – American
Age Range: Ages 7-9: Short Chapter Books
Pages: 322
This is an All-Time Great Children's Book (ATGCB)
OCLC: 24575989


The Hidden Valley of Oz (1951) is the thirty-ninth in the series of Oz books created by L. Frank Baum and his successors. It was written by Rachel R. Cosgrove and illustrated by Dirk Gringhuis. Jam, a boy from Ohio flies to the Gillikin Country in a giant kite. There he teams up with Dorothy and her companions to defeat an evil giant.


Other Editions

(Reilly & Lee)

This book belongs to the Series: Oz