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We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea


Author(s):Arthur Ransome
Illustrator(s):Arthur Ransome
Publisher(s): Jonathan Cape Ltd
Year Published: 1937
Type: Hardcover
Genre: Boys Growing Up
Fiction - novel
Girls Growing Up
Sea Stories
Age Range: Ages 9-12: Longer Chapter Books
Pages: 351
This is an All-Time Great Children's Book (ATGCB)
OCLC: 504473804


The Swallows are invited to sail in Goblin with Jim Brady. When a fog comes up and the skipper doesn’t return and the rising tide starts the anchor to dragging, suddenly they find themselves outside Harwich Harbor, passing the Beach End buoy and well out in the North Sea.



Other Editions

This book belongs to the Series: Swallows and Amazons