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Tom Robinson


(1878 - 1954)

Tom Robinson

Thomas Pendleton Robinson was an architect, playwright and author. As a hobby, he wrote plays, four of which were produced on Broadway. He had three sons.


Greylock and the Robins (1946)

Greylock has his eye on Robin Junior as a mid-morning snack, but Mrs. Robin is a match for him. This is one of Robert Lawson’s few books in color.  The trade edition repeats the dust jacket on the cover.  The Junior Literary Guild has a library binding.

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Author(s): Tom Robinson
Illustrator(s): Robert Lawson

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Manual for Teaching the Second Reader II (1958)

An elementary school reader. This volume include the teacher’s manual.

Author(s): Lois Lenski
Odille Ousley
Tom Robinson
David H. Russell
Val Teal
Et al
Illustrator(s): Various

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Trigger John’s Son (1949)

Trigger is on his way to be adopted ‘on approval’ but decides to do some ‘approving’ of his own first.

Author(s): Tom Robinson
Illustrator(s): Robert McCloskey

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