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Milo Winter


(1888 - 1956)

Milo Winter

Milo Winter was a well-known American book illustrator. Later, he was an art editor at Childcraft Books and the Silver Burdett Company.

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The Adventures of Perrine (1932)

Daughter of a French father and a Hindu mother, Perrine is left on her own in Paris when her parents both perish on their way to see her curmudgeonly grandfather.

Read online in French at

Author(s): Hector Malot
Illustrator(s): Milo Winter

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My Bookhouse: In the Nursery (1920)

This first volume of the anthology includes nursery rhymes and poetry along with short folk and fairy tales. Read online at

Author(s): Various
Illustrator(s): Maginel Wright Enright
Milo Winter
N. C. Wyeth
Et al

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