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Doctor Dolittle: A Treasury


Author(s):Hugh Lofting
Illustrator(s):Hugh Lofting
Compiler(s):Olga Fricker
Publisher(s): Lippincott
Jonathan Cape
Year Published: 1967
Type: Hardcover
Genre: Animal Fantasy
Fantasy – English
Fiction - novel
Fiction - short story
Nature – Birds
Nature – Fish
Nature – Insects
Nature – Mammals
Nature – Plants
Age Range: Ages 7-9: Short Chapter Books
Pages: 245
This is an Anthology
ISBN-10: 0224613332
ISBN-13: 9780224613330
OCLC: 671870749


This collection of chapters from the Doctor Dolittle series includes many illustrations by the author which were not used in the original publications.

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This book belongs to the Series: Doctor Dolittle