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The Twenty-One Balloons


Author(s):William Pène du Bois
Illustrator(s):William Pène du Bois
Publisher(s): The Viking Press, Inc.
Year Published: 1948
Type: Hardcover
Genre: Adventure
Age Range: Ages 7-9: Short Chapter Books
Pages: 180
This is an All-Time Great Children's Book (ATGCB)
LCCN: 47002533
OCLC: 936716850
Award(s): Junior Literary Guild (1948)
Newbery Medal (1948)


Professor William Waterman Sherman left San Francisco on August 15th, 1883 with the intention of flying across the Pacific Ocean. He was picked up three weeks later in the Atlantic Ocean clinging to the wreckage of a platform which had been flown through the air by twenty balloons. His only stop between San Francisco and the Atlantic Ocean was a brief sojourn on the island of Krakatoa, which blew up just after he left it in what is considered to be the most violent eruption of all time.

This book is the Main Edition.