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Caldecott Medal

The Caldecott Medal is awarded each year for the preceding year’s most distinguished American picture book for children. Runners-up are called Caldecott Honor Books.

The award was named in honor of the nineteenth-century English illustrator Randolph Caldecott.

The Caldecott Medal and the Newbery Medal are the most prestigious of American children’s book awards.

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Animals of the Bible a Picture Book (1937)

Selections from the Bible with illustrations of the animals described.


Author(s): Helen Dean Fish
Illustrator(s): Dorothy P. Lathrop

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They Were Strong and Good (1940)

Robert Lawson tells the story of his parents and grandparents, and illustrates it too.


Author(s): Robert Lawson
Illustrator(s): Robert Lawson

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Make Way for Ducklings (1941)

Mrs. Mallard proudly parades her ducklings to the Boston Public Garden.


Author(s): Robert McCloskey
Illustrator(s): Robert McCloskey

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The Little House (1942)

The Little House gets a new lease on life when she moves to the country.


Author(s): Virginia Lee Burton
Illustrator(s): Virginia Lee Burton

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Many Moons (1943)

When the Princess Lenore falls ill of a surfeit of raspberry tarts, the only thing that can cure her is the Moon. But how will her father the King get it for her?


Author(s): James Thurber
Illustrator(s): Louis Slobodkin

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The Little Island (1946)

The little island through the seasons, and a visit from a little cat.


Author(s): Golden MacDonald
Illustrator(s): Leonard Weisgard

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The Big Snow (1948)

The woodland animals were all getting ready for the winter. Geese flew south, rabbits and deer grew thick warm coats, and the raccoons and chipmunks lay down for a long winter nap. It was a sure sign that the big snow was on its way. The authors feature in this winter story.


Author(s): Berta Hader
Elmer Hader
Illustrator(s): Berta Hader
Elmer Hader

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The Biggest Bear (1952)

When Johnny Orchard goes hunting for a bear he comes home with a cub, but that’s not the end of the story.


Author(s): Lynd Ward
Illustrator(s): Lynd Ward

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Madeline’s Rescue (1953)

Madeline falls in the Seine and is rescued by Miss Genevieve, a dog.


Author(s): Ludwig Bemelmans
Illustrator(s): Ludwig Bemelmans

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Frog Went A-Courtin’ (1955)

Frog went a-courtin’, he did ride
Sword and pistol by his side.


Author(s): John Langstaff
Illustrator(s): Feodor Rojankovsky

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Time of Wonder (1957)

Two young girls spend the summer on an island in Maine.


Author(s): Robert McCloskey
Illustrator(s): Robert McCloskey

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Noah’s Ark (1977)

Peter Spier tells the story in pictures of Noah, the Ark and the Flood.


Author(s): Jacobus Revius
Illustrator(s): Peter Spier

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Black and White (1990)

A surrealist exercise with four simultaneous, possibly interconnected stories going on. Too clever by half? or The (Caldecott) Emperor’s New Clothes?


Author(s): David Macaulay
Illustrator(s): David Macaulay

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Tuesday (1991)

It’s Tuesday and the frogs on their lily pads are out in force.


Author(s): David Wiesner
Illustrator(s): David Wiesner

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Rapunzel (1997)

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair!


Author(s): Brothers Grimm
Illustrator(s): Paul O. Zelinsky

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The Three Pigs (2001)

The three little pigs decide not to play by the rules, but the results are much the same.


Author(s): David Wiesner
Illustrator(s): David Wiesner

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Flotsam (2006)

The Melville underwater camera holds a trove of unexpected pictures.


Author(s): David Wiesner
Illustrator(s): David Wiesner

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The Lion & the Mouse (2009)

The mightiest need not disdain the aid of the least.


Author(s): Aesop
Illustrator(s): Jerry Pinkney

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