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Rabbit Hill


Author(s):Robert Lawson
Illustrator(s):Robert Lawson
Publisher(s): The Viking Press
Year Published: 1944
Type: Hardcover
Genre: American
Animal Fantasy
Nature – Mammals
Age Range: Ages 7-9: Short Chapter Books
Pages: 128
LCCN: 44008234
OCLC: 16574751


Little Georgie and his friends welcome the New Folks to Rabbit Hill.

As a wartime book, the paper is thinner and not as white as Lawson would have preferred. Nevertheless, the paper of the first printing is slightly heavier than that of subsequent war time printings.

The Junior Literary Guild binding is red brown and has only an outline of Little Georgie, while the trade edition is a light brown cloth with all-over decoration.

Between the third printing in October 1944 and the fourth in April 1945, the Newbery Award sticker was added to the dust jacket.

For the eighth printing in April 1960 new plates were made and the paper is much higher quality, but the shadows tend to be too dark, obscuring the detail in the original drawings.

Read online at Internet Archive.