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The Delineator March 1922


Illustrator(s):Robert Lawson
Maxfield Parrish
Et al
Editor(s):Mrs. William Brown Meloney
Publisher(s): The Butterick Publishing Company
Year Published: 1922
Type: Periodicals
Genre: American
Art and Architecture
Fantasy – American
Age Range: Ages 9-12: Longer Chapter Books
Pages: 104
OCLC: 150381824


The Delineator was a monthly journal covering fiction, current events, community improvement and dress making.

Read this March 1922 issue online for free at Hathitrust. Here are some items of special interest:

  • On page 18, see an illustration for The Last Adventure of Little Prince Toofat by Robert Lawson.
  • On page 70, see an advertisement illustrated by Maxfield Parrish.


  • See the cover of this March 1922 issue of The Delineator drawn by Robert Lawson at Hathitrust.
  • Read Little Prince Toofat online for free at Hathitrust.

This book is the Main Edition.