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The World of Mr. Mulliner


Author(s):P. G. Wodehouse
Publisher(s): Barrie & Jenkins
Taplinger Publishing Co., Inc.
Year Published: 1972
Type: Hardcover
Genre: British
Fiction - short story
Age Range: Ages 13-18: Young Adult
Pages: 622
ISBN-10: 0800885805
ISBN-13: 9780800885809
LCCN: 74005813
OCLC: 1135023


A collection of Mr. Mulliner stories from Mr. Mulliner Speaking, Meet Mr. Mulliner, Mulliner Nights and the Mr. Mulliner stories from Blandings Castle (Blandings Castle and Elsewhere.) This edition of Mulliner Omnibus adds ten additional stories from Young Men in Spats, Lord Emsworth and Others, Eggs, Beans and Crumpets, A Few Quick Ones and Plum Pie. American edition published 1974.

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