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Clarissa Kneeland


(1878 - 1950)

Clarissa Kneeland

Clarissa Abia Kneeland spent much of her youth in the American expatriate utopian colony in Topolobampo, Mexico. After the colony broke up in 1913 she returned to California, where she and her brother, Ira, took up land at the Black Mountain Sanctuary in Prather, California.


Smuggler’s Island and the Devil Fires of San Moros (1928)

Five children, one only a baby, are abandoned on a desert island in the Sea of Cortez. Marian, the eldest, keeps them alive for seven years, waiting for the baby to grow big enough to survive the sea voyage to safety. Read online at Hathitrust.

Author(s): Clarissa Kneeland
Illustrator(s): Wallace Goldsmith
F. C. Yohn

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