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  • Relevant. Write about the actual book. Don't meander off-topic.
  • Give details. Go beyond generalities. Focus on the specific aspects of the book that are important to you.
  • Include "why." Go beyond like or dislike and share your rationale.
  • Length. Reviews that actually get read are usually 75 to 500 words long.
  • Focused. Review only one book per review.
  • Comparisons. Compare the book to other similar books.

What's not allowed

  • Objectionable material. That is, any material that we consider obscene, distasteful, discriminatory, profane, threatening, defamatory, attacking, misleading, spiteful, illegal or immoral.
  • Promotional material. That is, advertisements, for-hire posts, solicitations, political views, views by a stakeholder of a competing company
  • Fair use. That is, not quoting too much, not giving away too many details, not spoiling the plot (unless you offer a clear "spoiler alert").
  • Feedback. If you wish to provide us with feedback about your customer experience, click here.

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Last updated April 15, 2015


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